Randolph Co. owes the Federal government taxes

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

CUTHBERT, GA (WALB) - Randolph County owes the Federal government almost $1 million in back taxes, and nobody seems to know what happened to it.

For years, the county withheld federal taxes from the paychecks of county workers, but didn't turn that money over to the feds.

The total is almost $900,000, and because of the money the county owes the Federal government put two Liens on Randolph County which makes it hard to move forward with projects on a new jail and school.

"You have a $900,000 tax lien against the county when they've collected money and are not paying it. We've had tax increases and now our taxes could be going up again because of this, we've voted for a new SPLOST for the Jail and for the school. This is ridiculous and someone needs to be accountable," said Elijah Hodge, Randolph Co. Resident.

Randolph County's lawyer said choppy or non-existent records are not making matters easier.

The investors working to help the county get the money to build the jail have asked the county to provide a detailed plan of how they'll deal with that $900 debt before the jail project can move forward.

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