Military presence insures safety in downtown Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX)- Two weeks after a fight in downtown involving Fort Benning soldiers. The city of Columbus has partnered with Fort Benning to put military patrol downtown.

"Just get a presence downtown and help make sure the soldiers represent the military the way they normally do 99 percent of the time and take care of those few folks that might get out of control," Major General Robert Brown said.

Major General Robert Brown tells us that with recent events that have taken place in the downtown area, the army and the city felt it was necessary to begin having senior ranking officers patrol the streets of downtown Columbus until 3 in the morning.

Making sure that soldiers are okay and everyone is having a good time.

"Our goal tonight is to provide a more military leadership presence and just set a good example for the community and show that we are ready and willing to be solid members of the community," Courtesy Patrol David Fabozzi said.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson tells us the city is grateful for the relationship they have with Fort Benning. She hopes this will put minds at ease and make the downtown experience one everyone can enjoy.

"We will be able to keep a little, higher level of calm in our entertainment district by having senior officers in the bars on the streets," Mayor Teresa Tomlinson said.

The military officers will be unarmed senior officers; they will be able to command order of all military personnel and alert Military Police and Columbus Police, if the situation calls for it.

For Major General Robert Brown its step in further bridging the gap between Fort Benning and the city of Columbus

"This is just a presence to show we are down here we care about you enjoy yourself and have fun," Major General Robert Brown said.

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