Another woman from Michael Curry's past takes the stand

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Another woman from Michael Curry's past took the stand Monday morning.

We've heard from his ex-fiancee and ex-wife but the second week of his murder trial started with testimony from Pam Burt, the woman Curry was having an affair with when his pregnant wife and children were murdered.

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Burt says she spent one night with Curry, a coworker, before the killings. She told the jury she does not think her husband had anything to do with the murders.

The defense pointed out she told police that Curry was wearing the same clothes in the afternoon that he was wearing in the morning on the day of the slayings and seemed normal, talking about how he was going to baby sit his son that night while his wife took his daughter to a birthday party. Burt says she doesn't remember saying that but if it's in her statement, then it's true.

Michael Curry has blamed Pam Burt's husband for killing his family.

Fred Burt also took the stand Monday and told the jury he never threatened Curry after he caught Curry with his wife at a hotel and told Curry he'd never tell his wife Ann about the affair.
Burt says he was not mad about his wife sleeping with Curry because he had not been treating her right and wanted his own freedom. He says Curry told him he loved Pam after only three weeks of dating.

"I didn't give her the love and attention she needed. I'm sure she probably got infatuated with Mike and that was ok with me because I wasn't happy at the time and wanted freedom like most young men to go out and do what I wanted to do and not be tied down to a marriage," he said on the stand.

Michael Curry was not charged with the murders until 2009, after the cold case had been reopened by the Columbus Police Department.

Curry's 24-year-old wife Ann was struck with the bush ax across her throat. She was nearly decapitated and also had a blow to her head. Puncture marks and areas where the blade had been dragged across her chest were also visible in crime scene photos. Curry's son, 20-month-old Ryan, was found near his mother's in the living room. He was struck in the head with the blade and was gripping the shag carpet when he was found.

Curry's daughter, 4-year-old Erika, was struck with the ax in the head and mouth. Her palate and teeth and glasses were found scattered across the kitchen floor.

Michael Curry has pleaded not guilty. Closing arguments are expected to begin Tuesday morning. The jury will then begin deliberating.

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