Car breaks-in at Britt David Park, fans cautious

By Mackenzie Patterson - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It is America's pastime, and this time of year, thousands of children, parents, and fans are flocking to baseball and softball fields.  Meanwhile, their cars are in parking lots, easy targets for thieves.

At the baseball field, most people want to cheer on their kids and friends and not have to worry about their cars.  While hundreds of people come out to Britt David Park for outdoor fun, Wandall Lewis explained why he is keeping an extra eye out for trouble.

"There was glass all over the place and they busted the window in, had taken some kind of pry bar, or something, and damaged the door and scratched it pretty bad," Lewis

After watching his grandson's baseball game, Lewis and his wife were walking out to the well lit parking lot at Britt David Park.  Then, they saw a car had been broken into, and when they got into their own car, the couple realized the same thing happened to them.

"I'm out a $1000 plus the inconvenience of trying to get everything back to normal," said Lewis.

Jason Barnes, the League President for West Georgia Dixie Baseball, said the break-ins have been a problem the last couple of weeks, but he assures everyone, Britt David Park is still safe.

"We've called police, police are aware of the situation and they've been trying to make patrols nightly in the parking lot," said Barnes.

Still, Barnes is encouraging everyone to be on guard and do their part.

"If you have valuables in the car, take them with you, don't leave them right now until we get a handle on what's going on," said Barnes.

For Lewis, he said he might be checking on his car more often, during the games.

"Hopefully, I can walk out and I would love to catch someone," said Lewis.

But, he is also hoping a break-in does not happen to anyone else.

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