Jury finds Curry guilty of 1985 bush ax killings

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) –   Michael Curry has been found guilty of killing his wife and children with a bush ax in 1985 in a Columbus courtroom today.

A jury came to the conclusion unanimously - finding him guilty on all 14 counts.

Before the verdict, the Judge John Allen told the courtroom,  "Please restrain yourself when the verdict is read". The courtroom was completely silent when Judge Allen read the guilty verdict.

Berneice Johnson, Ann Curry's mother, said she wanted the judge to repeat the verdict.  "So I would know exactly what he said.  Relief, finally, plain relief. Finally people know what I have known for so long."

District Attorney said, "I am very grateful for Chief Bboren and his insight to see that we needed a cold case unit and Randy Long and the rest of the cold case unit that were able to put this case together for us."  She told News Leader Nine this case was always open, but the investigation that led to this guilty verdict started in early 2008.

Curry's 24-year-old wife Ann was struck with the bush ax across her throat. She was nearly decapitated and also had a blow to her head.

Puncture marks and areas where the blade had been dragged across her chest were also visible in crime scene photos.

Curry's son, 20-month-old Ryan, was found near his mother's in the living room. He was struck in the head with the blade and was gripping the shag carpet when he was found.

Curry's daughter, 4-year-old Erika, was struck with the ax in the head and mouth. Her palate and teeth and glasses were found scattered across the kitchen floor. 

He was not charged with the murders until 2009, after the cold case had been reopened by the Columbus Police Department.

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