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Man survives after swept away in Tornado

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LAGRANGE, GA (WTVM) - The National Weather Service reports that Troup County had an EF 1 tornado and an EF 2 tornado touch down Wednesday and those storms left behind some major damage in the LaGrange area.

While power is out and roads are closed, those who had homes hit by the tornados are working to clean up and there are some amazing survival stories.

Michael Hornsby was inside his home in LaGrange when the twister swept his home away.

"So I sat down like this with a pillow and everything around me just fell apart and that's when this thing came through." A stake from Michael Hornsby's wooden fence pierced the wall just inches from missing his head and his wife's body that was ducking in the bathtub.

Hornsby's home was completely moved off the foundation twisted around and landed feet away.

"We could tell we had been lifted up and we were moving when suddenly our house just dropped over there. I sat here probably 5 minutes before the storm came and my wife said please come in here, come in here."

Hornsby gives credit to his wife for telling him to come into the bathroom seconds before his home was taken up and destroyed.

"She got in the tub and said hold my hand and we thought this is it. I just feel like my life was spared for a reason, God has something else for me to do."

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