Columbus Mayor recommends cuts in budget 2012

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Columbus' Mayor is hoping to reduce the budget for 2012 by more than 8% or 24 million dollars. Teresa Tomlinson presented her 11 page budget recommendation to Columbus City Council today.

She is asking all department heads to cut 2% of their budgets.  If done, she says that will save almost 3 million dollars.

Tomlinson also proposes spending less on certain things out of the General Fund.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson said, "going to one day a week trash collection pick up will be a $331,000 savings to our citizens."

After hearing the budget proposal, The Director of the Civil War Naval Museum said this is a very serious game changer and blow to the operation of the museum.

In the past, the museum has received $300 thousand dollars in subsidies. Tomlinson suggests chopping it down to almost a quarter of that - to $78 thousand dollars.

"It is an inevitable part of these difficult economic times and the citizens desire to have smaller government," said Tomlinson.

The Mayor also suggests they cut subsidies for the public golf courses in town like Bull Creek and Ox Bo Meadows.

Tomlinson has challenged the museum and golf courses to come up with a business plan that shows how they will maximize money they get from the city.

The budget is now in the hands of Columbus City Council. They have until July to finalize.

Click here to read the Mayor's full recommendations.

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