Meriwether County continues clean up after deadly storm

MERIWETHER COUNTY, GA (WXTX) - On Wednesday night Lawrence Doby, the pastor at New Life Christian Ministries Worship Center in Meriwether County received some startling news. His church had been severely damaged by a tornado that touched down in eastern Georgia.

"Devastating, devastating would be the word to best describe what we've been feeling here," Doby said.

Doby says when he first heard word about the storm hitting his church; he never imaged anything like this.

"This is where the chairs were that the congregation sat, the communion table, the offering boxes and the pulpit furniture was there," Doby said.

All that remains is crumbled pieces of debris, inside and outside of the church. The front awning was ripped off and thrown about fifty feet into the back yard. Windows were smashed and the kitchen literally lost its top.

Behind Doby's church a group of volunteers are lending a helping hand to the Hamler family. What they experienced that night some may call it a miracle

"The windows got blown out the doors got blown out and the roof got blown out and I just shielded my wife because I didn't know if trees were going to fall on the house."

Thankfully Willie Hamler and his wife got out of the house and into a safe shelter that night. His home was destroyed, his cars were destroyed, but Willie says he's just happy he and his wife have their lives.

Like many others in the community Pastor Lawrence Doby says his church will eventually get back on its feet. He reflects on the good in this horrible situation like the community standing strong together as one.

"These things that we have experienced have been life lessons but also we can find joy in them, because in every bad situation God has an opportunity to do something good," Pastor Lawrence Doby said.

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