Mayor Dellinger answers questions on, "Ask the Mayor"

By Roslyn Giles

Smiths Station, AL (WTVM)- Several WTVM viewers answered our call for questions.  The inquiries were posed to Smiths Station Mayor LaFaye Dellinger during the monthly segment, "Ask the Mayor" Monday morning.

Guenda Leonard wrote," Why is 6th Grade Band being taken away from Smiths Station? The Band music program is very important for our children and their future?"

Mayor Dellinger responded," I agree the band program is very important, but the schools are in the process of restructuring where each of the buildings will be kindergarten through 6th grades, whereas before all the 6th graders were in one building and it was convenient for them to go to the school. It's really a question that should be answered by our Superintendent, Dr. Steve Nowlin because the City of Smiths Station is served by Lee County Schools and they're in a major restructuring program right now."

Kami Billingslea sent this statement in via Facebook, "I would love to know why parts of Phenix City are still in Lee County, even though those Phenxi City addresses are within the Smiths city limit signs."

"The addresses are done by the federal government, so it doesn't matter which city or county you live in.  The Federal Post Office, whatever they can handle is where the routes are done and just because you have a Phenix City address doesn't mean you live in Russell County or Lee County.  It's both," explained Dellinger.

Corporate limits have been a major point of confusion for residents in the region. Mayor Dellinger expounded on the issue with a story that illustrated the extent of the problem.

"We had a young military wife move here.  She called City Hall one day and said I need to talk to somebody who can tell me where I live.

She said she had Alabama Power Company for her electric.  She had Alagasco for gas and Smiths water for sewer.  She had a Phenix City address but her kids went to Lee county schools. I said you live in Smiths Station.   You're just serviced by all the different organizations. There are several organizations. Most are not government affiliated.