Local 9/11 survivor talks about bin Laden's death

By Web Staff – email

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) –   A 9/11 survivor, who now calls Auburn home, says he is thankful Osama bin Laden is dead and justice has been served.

Sunell Merchant was in the North Tower on the 49th floor when the first plane hit.

He escaped the inferno through the stairwell, along the way seeing badly burned bodies and heroic firefighters who were going up as he was coming down.

He says memories of that day have haunted him for 10 years. But now that Osama bin Laden is dead, he's found a measure of peace.

"I think I slept well for the first time in so many years knowing that the person who caused us the pain and the nightmares and the anti-depressants that I have to take is no longer there," says Merchant.

Merchant, the owner of the Philly Connection in Auburn, spends the 9/11 Anniversary, feeding first responders for free.

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