Wife of accused killer defends her husband

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - 18 years after former Muscogee County Superintendent Jim Burns was stabbed to death in his home, 36-year-old Kareem Lane has been indicted for the crime.

Lane has been in the Muscogee County Jail for a year.  He maintains his innocent, and his wife says she believes him.

She sat down exclusively with WTVM before she went to visit Kareem and said, "There is nothing in my mind that believes he could have done this."

Carol Lane says there was no violence in their marriage. The couple met in 2001 and married in 2004.

But, there were secrets. Her husband never told her that he was questioned in a murder investigation back in 1992 or that in 2008 detectives had come to get DNA from him.

"He said, you know, after they came and got the DNA in 2008, he was just more than convinced that this was going to be done. They would finally realize they have the wrong guy and leave him alone," explained Lane.

Carol says like their marriage, her last day with Kareem was a good one. At least, until the SWAT Team busted down the door of their home.  She remembers, "We were playing on the computer and next thing you know our world was turned upside down. We heard a loud bang and Kareem goes into the hallway and looks to see what is going on and the look of terror and fear in his face, it was frightening."

The District Attorney's office thinks they have the right guy. Detectives told a judge new DNA testing allowed them to send the recovered murder weapon off for testing and it came back with two samples: one from James Burns and the other from Kareem Lane, according to the lab technician.

Carol wants it tested again.  "I have been told they had the GBI test it, they got no match. The FBI tested it, and got no match. And all of a sudden this lab in Pennsylvania has a match, I would really question why it took three tests to get a match."

Jackson says he has received the first round of discovery in the case and expects to receive the rest of the police and forensic reports from the state at or before Lane's arraignment, scheduled for May 13th.

Carol is using social media to get the word out about her husband's case.  She has started a Facebook page titled "Free Kareem Lane."   She visits him as often as she can.

WTVM did try to contact the Burns family, but have not heard from them.

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