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Columbus man loses family in Tuscaloosa tornado

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A week ago Wednesday, Berkley Myles' wife called him with startling news. A tornado had hit his hometown of Tuscaloosa. He never thought the storm would leave his family broken.

"Yeah they will be alright, couple of hours, couple of buildings, couple of broken trees," Myles said.

The storm was worse than Myles could have ever imagined. Not to mention, the news he got from home around 10:30 that night, would forever change his family.

"Your sister Jackie didn't make it, her house was in the heart of the storm and in-fact she was killed by debris. They got in the bath tub, but they didn't cover themselves and she was killed by the roof caving in on her and the two grandkids," Myles said.

His sister's house was completely destroyed by the storm. His brother-in-law was the only survivor.

Myles says he tries to focus on the good times. But just as his family started to cope with losing his sister and nieces, his mother who already had a health condition couldn't accept the heart-breaking news.

"When she got the word that Jackie was killed, she passed away Monday night. So now I go home to bury my sister and my mother," Myles said.

 It's a trip Myles will make with a heavy heart. On Friday, he will say goodbye to four members of his family, his mother, his sister Jackie, and Jackie's two grand-children.

He looks back on the devastation the storm brought not only to his family but thousands of others in Tuscaloosa.

"To be in Tuscaloosa, and see the devastation of that storm, it's just you just pray that they can somehow piece this thing back together, piece their lives back together."

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