'Sun Tan and Sugar Cookie,' Precious moments hit the press

By: Casey Roman - bio | email

DISPLAY SIZE 37: WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Mother's Day is Sunday and there is a mom in Wilmington hoping it will be a special day with her daughter and a start to a new career as an author.

Renee Hall has recently published a book called Suntan and Sugar Cookie based on precious moments shared with her seven-year-old daughter Corrina.

Corrina has been a source of laughter for the family since she was born. For years, Renee posted transcripts of the Corrina-isms on MySpace and Facebook.

When she decided she wanted something tangible that her daughter would have forever, she sent the book to Pendium/Pearlstone Publishing. The writing caught the eye of one of the publishers who asked if she would like to try to sell her stories.

Now that the first copies are out, little Corrina has her sights set on her mother's big success.

"She might get really famous and get lots of money," said Corrina. "We might get to have all the things that a President has like a theater, a pool and a bowling alley!"

The book is titled Suntan and Sugar Cookie after the nicknames Corrina gave to her and her mother's different skin tones.

"She goes to the tanning bed a lot!" blurted Corrina.

Mom's brown tan lead to "Sun Tan" and Corrina's dark brown skin was titled, "Sugar Cookie."

"When you bake them in the oven they come out kind of brownish like me," explained Corrina.

Each chapter is only about a page and includes a humorous misunderstanding from when Corrina was younger.

One story explains Corrina's confusion over writing a letter to Santa. She took "letter" literally and suggested they write a number to him instead.

Another chapter is titled "Snorkle Hunt Day," the name Corrina gave to Saint Patrick's Day when she couldn't pronounce it.

The section titled "History Lesson" describes a trip to a cemetery where Corrina referenced the "Silver War." Renee tried to correct her daughter with "Civil War."

"Honey, I think you misunderstood what your teacher was saying," Renee told her.

"I think you misunderstood what YOUR teacher was saying!" fired back Corrina.

Re-reading the passages, Renee gets chocked up on some of the memories.

"It does make me kind of sad to know that she's growing up, faster than I want it to happen," said Renee.

The book can be found on both Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. The ISBN is: 1936513137.

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