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Bibb City moves forward with Revitalization projects

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Members of the Bibb City Neighborhood Association are wiping the slate clean. Saturday morning they met at what's known to many in the area as the Bibb City Triangle. Their goal, breathe life back into area that thrived like any other.

"I think it's important that everybody here is vested in the neighborhood, it's not that there are just a few people who are doing the work and that are trying to push through this initiative is really a big portion of the neighborhood. The neighbors are coming together," Jenn Collins said.

The project started two months ago as part of Mayor Teresa Tomlinson's plan to revitalize certain areas of Columbus. Since then people in the Bibb City area have been meeting and coming up with ways to better their community.

"I've been so thrilled with the city's support because they came out and actually filled the ground for us and prepared it, and made it a lot easier for us," Collins said.

"We lit the fuse but they ran with it this was all them and this is what we are saying here you create an association it bring all those people together to make an impact on their own setting," Brown said.

Columbus crime prevention director Seth brown was among the crowd planting flowers and shrubbery. He tells us this is the first step in creating a better environment in areas, like Bibb City that was once plagued with crime and violence.

"As you put those neighbors involved in their own community they get empowered they know who their neighbors are they know if that car belongs across the street, they know if that person walking in that neighborhood doesn't belong in that neighborhood," Brown said.

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