Strong4Life: 5 Healthy Habits to fight obesity

By Roslyn Giles

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM)- A statewide campaign aimed at combating obesity is encouraging children to eat right. Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is driving the message home through its program called, "Strong4Life."  Wesley Tranden, second grader at Double Churches Elementary is taking the challenge.  "I slept for 10 whole hours," said Tranden.

Sleeping for 10 hours a night is just one aspect of the 5 healthy habits the students are encouraged to do.  Others include, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, eat more fruits and vegetables, limit screen time and increase outside play.

Tranden and his classmates are following the 5 tasks. When asked how he felt after for an extended period of time, Tranden replied, "good!"  Khashi Patel, another second grade student added, "I like "Strong 4Life" because I'm active, I play tennis and play outside and play Frisbee.

Each child receives a 'challenge packet' to take home.  As they complete the tasks, their parents sign off on them. The child takes the packet back to school to receive a reward from the teacher. "I think the trick is the competition and motivating the students through enthusiasm and making them feel like they have a flashing neon sign on their forehead that says I'm special today."

The program is also expanding to adults with a campaign kick-off at Woodruff Park, May 21St.