Community still in shock after 4 suspects arrested for armed robbery

By Mackenzie Patterson - bioemail

AUBURN, AL (WXTX) - Randell Carpenter said he and his family come to South College Street in Auburn everyday for its restaurants and businesses.

"This area is usually quiet and other than a few accidents out here.  I've never really seen much going on," said Carpenter.

But, that was not the case the afternoon of May 14th when Auburn Police said Sherita Lampkin and Trevion Clark, armed and looking for cash, tore into the Charter Bank branch on South College Street.

Auburn Police said two other suspects were waiting in the car, and then, a high speed chase began.   At speeds over 90 miles per hour, police said the suspects fled up I-85 N, taking the Bent Creek Road exit eventually leading them to Hamilton Road, a peaceful residential neighbor.

Then, police said the suspects drove through Tiger Town, a place where families and students come to shop and relax, but when the suspects came to a dead end on Enterprise Drive, police said they did not have anywhere to go.  That is when Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson said officers did not just recover the money stolen but found just how dangerous these suspects were.

"We recovered several hand guns as well as one sawed off shotgun," said Dawson

Dawson said there is evidence that the suspects surveyed the bank earlier in the day.  As for those witnesses inside the bank, Dawson explained to News Leader Nine they are shaken up.

"They were scared due to the robbery as you can only imagine and in shock as to what had just occurred," said Dawson.

He agrees with Carpenter.

"Anybody from Auburn or living here in Auburn knows this is not something you ever get used to in Auburn, and it's not supposed to happen in Auburn.  But luckily our police officer did a great job," said Dawson.

Dawson said Opelika police were also alerted and assisted.  Police said the 4 suspects are not from the area but said they were living together in Atlanta for the last several weeks.

The suspects are in custody facing multiple charges including felony charges of armed robbery.

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