Pressure's On for CHS

COLUMBUS (WTVM)- Senior Josh Bicker summed up this year's playoffs best: "The first round was pretty good, second round was pretty scary but we pulled through like we always do."

Like they always do: the theme of Columbus High Baseball. So rich in tradition of GHSA State titles that Baseball America ranked them the fifth best program of the decade.

"When I heard about that it makes you strive and want to be that much better and I think it has," Senior Catcher Jordan We ems said.

"When you start looking at some of the past players we've had and records it can add pressure but we don't talk about that because this club has to set their own standards and make sure we do what we're capable of doing," head coach Bobby Howard said.

Capable of beating Ring gold for the second straight year. Instead of in the title game, the Blue Devils won in the second round.

"Beating Ring gold was a very big step for us, I felt like that was a semi final game because it just felt like a huge game," Senior Parker Clatter expressed. "I felt like we were further in the playoffs we should be in state now but we still have a few more rounds to go."

Like the quarterfinal round starting tomorrow against West Lauren's, who Coach Howard has locally compared to Roup High School.

"They've got a lot of pitching depth, a lot of athleticism, a lot of speed which we don't have," said Howard.

"They spot up and they know how to get you out so we have to come out and hit 'em," said We ems.

While Columbus stresses that they take it one game at a time, adding another plaque to the left field wall is always on their mind.

We won state last year, it's definitely a goal to get back to state and win that again," Senior Troy Darer said.

Outfielder Will Solomon agreed: "this is my senior year, we have to win it, I'm here to win it, all the way. I'm looking to win state.

Three more opponents, six more wins and Columbus could be coming home with another state title. Double header against West Lauren's tomorrow starting at 2pm at Randy Jordan Field