A Look Ahead at 5 & 6

Here's what we are working on for the news at 5 and 6!

Close to 200 students in Muscogee County might not be allowed to walk during their graduation ceremonies. We'll share the results of our investigation with you.

New at 6:00, News Leader 9's Elizabeth White will have the latest on a vehicular homicide arrest, stemming from an accident that claimed the life of a Montgomery teen while she was riding with her friends in Auburn.

Columbus' mayor has called for a study to be done to see if combining the Muscogee County Marshal's and Sheriff's departments could save money. We have reaction.

Ready to Raft 2012 is coming to the Chattahoochee river, but to get ready, a lot of construction is needed on the banks. Find out where the cash is coming from for this project.

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