Updyke hit with federal charges in AU tree poisoning case

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OPELIKA, AL (WXTX) -The man accused of poisoning two historic oak trees on the campus of Auburn University is now facing federal criminal charges.

Attorney Glennon Threatt, Jr, attorney for accused Toomer's Corner tree poisoner Harvey Updyke, Jr. says his client, Harvey Updyke, has been indicted on 6 federal charges.

He was already facing felony Criminal Mischief 1st Degree felony charges at a local level.

Threatt is going through the counts at this moment.

Upydke recently was on a sports radio show, The Paul Finebaum Radio Network, and apologized for his actions.

His lawyer convinced a judge to let him live with relatives in Louisiana until his trial.

In the meantime, horticulture experts at Auburn University say both trees at Toomer's corner are now showing signs of poison.

Up until last week, the tree on Magnolia was looking really good. However, experts say the tree is now beginning to show signs of the herbicide.

They say one branch in particular has brown, small leaves.

Meanwhile, the oak on College Street has been showing signs of poison since the leaves first started emerging.  However, experts say there are sections of that oak that have normal, healthy leaves.

Experts say they are waiting to see how the trees will process the poison and if they will begin to drop their leaves.

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