Special Report: Lose Five Pounds Fast

By Zaneta Lowe  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - "You could lose 5 pounds the first week, no problem."  We thought that might get your attention, so what do you need to do?

"You've got to have a plan or it's not going to work," explains Registered Dietician Kelly Snow.

Snow says a plan should start like this, "First of all, lots of water, water helps keep you hydrated. If you're dehydrated, your body will hold onto any moisture it can. So, you're going to retain fluid instead of get rid of it."

There have been a lot of questions about exactly how much water you're supposed to drink.  Snow says the answer is really just a matter of simple math, half an once of water for every pound you weigh.  So, for a 140 pound woman, that's 70 ounces of water, or about eight cups.  Next, cut out the sodium; processed foods, eating out, even frozen dinners.

"If you're eating a lot of high sodium foods, that is going to retain fluid, so you'll gain weight instead of losing," adds Snow.

You don't have to lose the carbs all together, just rethink the ones you put in your mouth.

"You want to do your complex carbohydrates, like your whole wheat breads, brown rice, whole wheat pasta. Those have a lot of fiber in them, that helps to digest. It also doesn't hold onto a lot of extra fluid, it helps wash out your system."

At meal time, try to keep the focus on fruits, veggies and protein.  "Protein help keeps you full and the vegetables have a lot of fiber and water that help flush through your system."

Finally, watch your portions.  "Your body can only handle so much at one time, what doesn't get digested turns into fat. You want to stick to three meals a day with snacks in between because when you go a long time without eating, you're going to overindulge," Snow says.

Those snacks will also help stimulate your metabolism.  It's a quick, easy fix that could get you on the path to losing five more pounds.

Click here to see a sample meal plan.

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