Hundreds of high school students say good-bye to the books

By Mackenzie Patterson - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Many high school seniors are saying good-bye to cafeteria food, dress code checks, and detention.

Carver, Northside, Phenix City Central, Columbus High, and Shaw are just a handful of the schools that celebrated sending hundreds of high school students, like Vashawn Ruff, into their futures this week.

"It's the start of a new beginning, and I'm just happy for this moment now.  Words can't even describe it," said Ruff.

But for parents like Ruff's mom, Joy, today's graduation means their children have become adults.

"Well, for one, it means I'm going to have an empty house--Praise God!"

All the graduation ceremonies had different traditions and speakers but two things were the same reflection and looking to the future.

"Greatness.  Memories.  Good memories of everything: Homecomings, games, basketball games.  A lot of memories to remember," said Vashawn.

"He's playing football.  He's got a scholarship with LaGrange College, and it is going to give him the key to go forward with what he wants to do," said Joy

For many graduates like Ruff, graduating was not about them.  It was about saying thank you to those who helped them get there.

"Me and my mother have been through a lot of things.  Me and my family have been through a lot of things.  This moment is just a happy moment," said Vashawn.

We at news leader nine wish them the best of luck in all that they do.

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