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Army General reflect on Gulf War 20 years later

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - It will be twenty years on Friday since retired four stars General Barry McCaffrey led a group of soldiers as a Division Commander in the Gulf War an experience he says he'll never forget.

"We deployed out of Fort Benning, Georgia one brigade and 197th and Fort Steward Georgia," McCaffery said.

General McCaffrey's division was one of five to take part in the month and half long war, a war that put many male and female soldiers in harm's way.

"An immense force of 700,000 Army Navy Air Force Marines that gathered to free Kuwait," McCaffrey said.

Hundreds will gather at the National Infantry Museum near Fort Benning to honor those who served in the Gulf War and the nearly four hundred men and women who lost their lives.

Fort Benning Commanding General Robert Brown was an instructor at West Point during the Gulf War.  Though he didn't have a chance to deploy he was eager to serve alongside his fellow comrades.

General Brown says the Gulf War showed the world what the U-S Armed forces is made of.

"The U.S. Showed really the culminating of years and training and recovery after Vietnam and it was the culminating point where really truly we established ourselves as the greatest army in the world," Major General Robert Brown.

An army that has seen a number of international conflicts.  We also asked General McCaffrey about the war on terror and the recent capture and assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

"It was a good endpoint to the first chapter in the war on terror," McCaffrey said.

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