Infants are learning how to survive during a potential drowning

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  With the weather getting warmer, more families are pulling the covers off their pools, but that decision could come with some dangers if you have small children running around.

When children get near water, accidents can happen at any moment, and that's why local swim instructors are providing a unique service to keep your kids safe.

"We teach from six months old to six years old how to survive in the water. If a child was to accidentally fall in, they know how to come up and get a breath, to relax and to save themselves -- if they are six months to a year -- by floating or if they are one to six years old, by using the swim/float technique," explained Infant Swimming Instructor Samantha Crooks.

When you see a child that small struggling to stay above water, your first reaction is to jump in and save them. But Crooks said, "At first you have the nervous parents, some are on the edge, crying because they feel like they should be in there with them but once they see the child progress through the course, they are amazed."

The kids not only get a very important lesson in survival, but they pick up skills that will help them throughout their life.

"They do know how to swim but when they feel they need air they know instantly how to roll on their backs, get air, and then turn back over to swim," Samantha Crooks, who has been teaching the course for years, told News Leader Nine.

After 45 years in business, the worldwide program has had a 100 percent success rate, and Crooks says it's all because they prepare children for the worst, "89 percent of all your children that fall into the water are fully clothed. At the end of the last week they get put in fully clothed with summer clothes, winter clothes, p.j.'s and a diaper because the balance is not the same as if they were to fall in with their swim clothes."

The Infant Swimming Resource, or ISR, has offered millions of lessons to children and have documented 800 cases where a child used the techniques they learned to save their own lives.

If you would like more information on the program you can go to and type in your zip code to find an instructor near you.

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