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Regions more tornado-prone have little to no insurance

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Officials say regions who are more tornado-prone and need more insurance barely have it at all.

Scott Lacey with State Farm says people not having hazardous insurance, despite living in some of the most tornado-prone areas, has become a problem.

And those who do have the insurance often believe they're completely covered. He says you need to go through your house and take an inventory of your belongings...It's also crucial you look at the value of your house. "A lot of people get confused in how much they need to insure their home for. Real estate values are very different than construction costs."

Lacey says you need to think about the construction cost of your home, not the market value.

"People think they should be insuring their home for less because the market value has crashed but really the cost to reconstruct a home has not changed a whole lot."

And the deductible is another important consideration. For instance, if yours is set at a $1000 that means you'll have to pay the first $1000 before the insurance company pays anything.

Lacey says it's crucial to keep in touch with your agent and check your plan yearly, "sit down with their agent at least once a year, go over their policy so that there's no surprises in case of a tornado or some other devastating event. Understand the coverage, know what is and what isn't covered and really know your deductible."

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