7 year old helps to save his mother and sister

By Mackenzie Patterson - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A family is saying thank you to their 7 year old for helping save their lives.  A mother and her two kids were on their way home on Fort Perry Road in Marion County when she saw a deer, swerved, and the car began to flip.

Once the vehicle can to a stop, landing on its roof, young Austin Barefield went into action.

"My window was busted and I couldn't see nothing so I reached over there to my seat belt and I got it, crawled out the window and jumped in the road," said Barefield.

Barefield said he was driven by instinct.

"Something came to me.  I knew I should get out at first cause you never know maybe it might have blown up or something."

Once out of the car, he ran down quiet, rural Fort Perry Road in Marion County.  Without a house in sight and few passing cars, he was looking for anyone to help his mother and 4 year old sister both still hanging in their seats upside down only being held on by their seatbelts.

"Went to the road, jumped up and down with my hands waving," said Barefield.

It worked.  Barefield flagged down two passing cars.  Inside one was a retired EMT who was able to help the family.

Barefield's grandfather, William Peterson, said he is thankful his daughter and grandchildren walked away with only a few cuts and bruises.  As a Columbus Police officer, he understands what was driving his grandson.

"The accident was so bad the car flipping and sliding afterwards, glass everywhere.  Apparently he just crawled out not even thinking about himself," said Peterson.

Peterson said he was shocked at Barefield's quick thinking but at the same time very proud.

"He didn't lose control.  He was just completely calm and he just wanted to make sure that everyone was okay and to that's a very heroic thing to do," said Peterson.

While Barefield refuses to admit that he did anything special, his family now calls him their hero.

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