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Protect your car from the summer heat

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Like many people during this time of year Anthony Shannon is heading to the beach. On Thursday, he made an unexpected stop in Columbus.

"I was on my way to Florida and my low pressure tire light came on, so I stopped to put some air in it," Shannon said.

Shannon says the cause of his detour is most likely because his car got too hot on the road. Al Granthan at Superior Tires and Auto says this is common during this time of year.

"Under inflated tires will cause the tires to get even hotter and wear faster of course potentially low enough to blow out," Granthan said.

Granthan says it important to have your car properly serviced because it's extremely warmer during the summer months.

"You need to make sure fluids are checked full and cleaned because the summer heat can make the fluids thinner and put more wear and tear on vehicles," Granthan said.

Tires aren't the only concern with cars in the heat. Fred Cronin at Super Glass Windshield Repair says heat could potentially cause windshields to break.

"Once the glass expands or gets too hot a lot of the times they will crack out all the way across your windshield," Cronin said.

Anthony Shannon says he's thankful he stopped to have his car checked.

"I didn't want to get down the road and have a blow out."

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