Rev. Hal Brady says goodbye to St. Luke after 14 years

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) -  Sunday marked the end of a 14 year era for Reverend Hal Brady, pastor of St. Luke United Methodist Church. He gave his final sermon as lead pastor and he also shared his "famous last words" with News Leader Nine.

Inside the doors of Saint Luke United Methodist Church Sunday morning, you may notice the crowd is a little more somber. That's because they are saying farewell to their beloved pastor, Reverend Hal Brady.

"It means a great deal because in many respects its not only wrapping up 14 years here, but 50 years in active ministry. I'll be continuing ministry in Atlanta out of a studio and hopefully we'll get it streamed back to Columbus," Dr. Brady said.

Like many Sundays at Saint Luke, during Reverend Brady's last sermon there wasn't an empty seat in the sanctuary. He told News Leader Nine, "It's been because of God and these people, I'm aware there is no one person show, everybody gets where they get on the shoulders of somebody else."

Not only has Brady touched so many people in his church family, but there are so many people who invite him into their homes by tuning in to his sermons every Sunday. But he won't take credit for his success, "Any contribution we have made it because of them and because of their relationship with us and our relationship with them. We are very blessed to be a part of the Columbus community and we'll always love it and we'll be back to visit from time to time."

The congregation shared kind words and fond memories of Reverend Brady as they said their goodbyes.

Brady said, "They were hugging and saying they're were going to miss us and we're going to miss them. You can't just draw a line and say 14 years never happened. It will always go with us and we'll always love these people and appreciate St. Luke and Columbus."

His last sermon was appropriately titled "Famous Last Words" and Reverend Brady shared his before leaving, "There's only one thing I think... and I think it was said by the late Leslie Weatherhead. He said: Life works out only one way, God's way."

After Sunday's service the St. Luke Church held a farewell lunch for Rev. Brady. And he isn't giving up sharing the word of God. Like he mentioned, he will be recording sermons from his new home in Atlanta.

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