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NFL player, Leonard Pope, saves 6-year-old from drowning

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AMERICUS, GA (WTVM) - One Americus woman said she is counting her blessings after an NFL player made the most important grab of his life.  Americus native and Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Leonard Pope jumped in a pool to save the local woman's drowning 6-year-old son, Bryson James Ross, over the weekend.

"I thought I was going to die," said Ross.           

Bryson James Ross, affectionately known as B.J., does not want to go anywhere near a pool this summer.  His mom, Ann Moore, said they will be sticking to parks and swings away from water.

"I almost drowned," said the 6-year-old.

B.J. and his mom were at a family pool birthday party on Saturday. Moore said her son was in 3 feet of water where he could easily stand up.  As she was watching him, the child slipped, falling into deeper water and sinking to the bottom of the pool.  When she yelled for help, she said NFL player Leonard Pope jumped into the pool.

"I saw him just diving into the pool.  I mean he didn't ask questions.  He didn't have to know whose child it was.  In exactly what he had on, he went in and it took him just a few seconds to bring him up out of the pool where he was laying," said Moore.

"I just jumped into the water, and I brought him back up.  I just handed him to him mom and, you know, we patted him on the back.  It made him cough a couple of times, and then, he was pretty good for the rest of the day," said Pope.

The Kansas City Chiefs Tight End was visiting friends at the birthday party.  Moore said she has known Pope since he was as young as B.J. but looks at him in a new light after he saved her son's life.

"It makes me look at life in a different way, and it just makes me look up just that much more to him, and my son does too.  He called him his hero, and he wants an autograph."

Moore encourages all parents to look into swimming lessons for their children.  Moore said the family pool party was B.J.'s first time in any pool besides a child's pool at home. 

She said it was blessing that Pope was at the party because none of the other adults knew how to swim.  Moore said as soon as her son is recovered from the shock, he will be hitting the pool to learn how to swim.

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