Arthur Sumbry Sr. has first court appearance on felony charges

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

PHENIX CITY, AL (WXTX) - Phenix City Council member Arthur Sumbry Sr. appeared in court Tuesday for a pre-trial hearing on felony forgery and perjury charges brought up against him earlier this year.

Sumbry was indicted in January on those charges after he allegedly falsified documents and lied under oath in relation to notarized paperwork.

Now that case is going to trial and in court Tuesday attorneys for both sides filed a series of motions before a jury is chosen.

The defense wants to omit any mention of Sumbry's prior crimes. In 1981 Sumbry was convicted of first degree perjury, but his attorney, Raymond Jackson says those charges are 30 years old and irrelevant to this case, "I would disagree vehemently with the allegations that those charges 30 years ago are similar. We don't think they're similar at all. We can't get into the facts of this case because the case will be tried soon."

The 70 year old Phenix City Mayor Pro-Tem turned himself over to the Russell County Sheriff's Department and quickly bonded out of jail in January after being charged with felony forgery and perjury.

Arthur Sumbry's trial is set to begin in August, and until a verdict is reached, we're told he will maintain his position on Phenix City Council.

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