Trash pickup controversy continues

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - There were only three residents that came to voice their opinion during the public hearing at the Columbus City Council meeting on Tuesday.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says it seems that Columbus voters are warming up to the idea of one day a week pick up.

One of those people is Bobbie Matthews. She is a proponent of recycling and says if residents would all take the time to do it, it would be possible to reduce trash pick up without a problem. She believes it would save gas, time, and space in the landfill - equaling money for the county.

Matthews says, "We have got to go in to the 21st century and save some money. We can't say, well, if we can't save a million dollars we are not going to save anything. so, my idea is if you have too much trash, just buy another garbage can. that would be much cheaper that going up on garbage every month.

In the add-delete process of the Mayor's budget, council decided to go back to two day a week trash pick up. Tomlinson says she believes it will be necessary to raise the garbage fee if the city keeps two day a week pick up.

There will be another public hearing in council chambers and then at 9 a.m on June 21st.

The budget will go to a final vote on June 28th.

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