Comparing the Salaries of College Coaches

COLUMBUS (WTVM) - Gene Chizik's raise makes him the eighth highest paid college football coach in the country. Chizik now makes as much as Georgia's Mark Richt, $3.5 million per season. Richt and Chizik only make half of what Nick Saban makes in Tuscaloosa, an estimated $6 million.  But, a penny here is not a penny there. It's like the difference between buying things in Manhattan and Manhattan, Kansas.

In Tuscaloosa, Texas' Mack Brown makes $500,000 less, and Lane Kiffin's salary cut almost in half, but everyone else is comparable.  The cost of living in Auburn is more expensive, most coaches would need to make half a million to a million dollars more to equal their salary now.  In Athens, the silver stretches. Cost of living is cheap, most coaches would take a pay cut. But in Athens, Mark Richt's salary would boost him to the fifth highest paid coach in the country.  Everything is more expensive in Los Angeles and to combat the outrageous cost of living, most coaches would need to make an extra two to three million dollars to live comparably to how they live in their own college towns.

Nick Saban's salary tops the list no matter where he coaches. Mark Richt's pay is better than the raw $3.5 million looks. Richt jumps to fifth or sixth on the list when he's taken out of Athens. Auburn is the most expensive of college towns, meaning Gene Chizik's raise is not as impressive when compared with the salaries of other top college coaches.

Coach           School           Salary      Tuscaloosa          Auburn        Athens           LA

Nick Saban   Alabama          $6M             $6M                  $6.67M          $5.6M         $9.3M

Mack Brown   Texas           $5.1M           $4.45M              $4.96M         $4.16M         $6.9M

Bob Stoops   Oklahoma     $4.3M           $4.6M                 $5.2M            $4.39M        $7.3M

Lane Kiffin      USC              $4M            $2.57M               $2.8M             $2.4M           $4M

Les Miles        LSU              $3.9M          $4.06M               $4.5M             $3.8M         $6.3M

Kirk Ferentz    Iowa            $3.7M         $3.74M                $4.16M          $3.49M        $5.8M

Bobby Petrino  Arkansas    $3.56M        $3.58M               $3.99M           $3.3M         $5.58M

Gene Chizik    Auburn         $3.5M          $3.14M               $3.5M            $2.9M         $4.89M

Mark Richt      Georgia         $3.5M         $3.74M               $4.1M             $3.5M          $5.8M