Businesses in Troup County losing money over counterfeit bills

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Just in the last month, six businesses in LaGrange have lost money when customers used a counterfeit bill and got away before they realized the difference and called the police.

Sgt. Marshall McCoy with the LaGrange Police Department says nothing is consistent. "Everything from fast food to drug stores to oil and lube facilities. We did see a few 100 dollar bills counterfeited but we have also seen as low as 10 and 20's," said McCoy.

He says there is nothing to indicate the money is being printed in the area.

Historically counterfeit money starts with the drug market and travels with the drug trade.  "With us being close to several hubs, Florida and Atlanta, that money then filters in to our local economy," explained McCoy.

If you realize you have counterfeit money, do not try to spend it to get rid of it.

"You may not have been the one that printed the it, but once you receive it and realize it is counterfeit you have the obligation to contact your local authority or notify your bank."

The money will now be sent to the Secret Service. They will try to track where it came from using the serial number.

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