Fox 54 sits down with Miss Georgia after her crowning

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) -  Michaela Lackey didn't always dream of wearing a crown, but she did always want to be on stage, performing as a dancer. But the opportunity to compete in the Miss Georgia pageant presented itself, and she couldn't say no.

She explained, "I have a message I want to get to everyone about the performing arts and I really believe what the Miss America system stands for and what it does for young girls and the scholarships it provides. It's really wonderful."

She says on stage she may look poised and professional, but underneath she was a nervous wreck, "I think the most nerve-racking was evening gown, surprisingly. I'm very comfortable with talent and everything else, but with evening gown this year I was trying to play a role, I wanted to be Audrey Hepburn. And it was so hard filling those shoes and I felt good when I finished."

Michaela also says that behind the curtain is really chaotic and sometimes accidents do happen, "Right before we went on I was warming up in the loading dock and that floor is like ice its so slippery. I had done all my turns and thought it wasn't so bad. I had just stepped up on point, a really simple move, and my foot slipped out from underneath me. I fell really hard to the ground, thought I broke my arm, I was freaking out. Luckily I was fine, but that was a little scary."

The Miss America pageant isn't until January, but already the new Miss Georgia's schedule is fully booked.

"Tomorrow morning I'm getting my Kia, which I'm excited about because I've never had a car before. We're also doing a lot of work for my platform, trying to figure out my talent for Miss America and just getting prepped and ready," Michaela told News Leader Nine.

Michaela Lackey may have just been an aspiring dancer from Marietta yesterday, but today she is proudly representing the entire state of Georgia, "I couldn't be more honored to be Miss Georgia for such a wonderful state, and I hope I represent them well and get the message across about the performing arts and be the voice, not only for the performing arts, but for the state of Georgia."

As she walks away with one crown, her sights are set on a bigger one as Miss America.

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