Auburn Receives Championship Rings

AUBURN (WTVM) - Five months after they won the National Championship game, the 2010 Auburn Tigers got to celebrate again. This time with their championship rings.

"It's exciting because we've been waiting for so long," said Offensive Lineman Jorrell Bostrom. "To finally have them, and to see them and have a tangible ring to hold is special

Yes rings, plural. A set of three rings in a keep sake box. One for the SEC Title, one for the BCS game and finally their NCAA National Championship ring. Both game rings have the score of the game and team mottos such as "All In" on the side.  The National Championship ring is a little more special. It's the only of the three to have real diamonds. On one side the years of Auburn's National Championships, 1957 and 2010.  On the other, the players' last name, National Championship logo and 14-0. All three rings come in a black box with the BCS logo on the top. On the inside is the AU logo, along with the season's game by game results.

Most players admit they won't wear their rings, as a look don't touch policy. "I'll probably keep them locked up, wear them for special occasions," Bostrom said. One play who is wearing his National Championship ring: the man who kicked the game winning field goal, Wes Byrum.