Attorneys seeking additional DNA tests on evidence from a rape in 1977

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - The man known as Columbus' "Stocking Strangler" is asking for more DNA testing.

He was 3 hours away from being executed in 2009 when this very issue kept him alive.

Carlton Gary's attorneys are asking that clothing from one of Gary's alleged victims be tested for DNA.

Testing was not available when Gary was convicted in 1986 of killing three women.

This is not the first motion the defense has filed for DNA tests on evidence from a rape in 1977.

They are asking that a night gown, a slip, and underclothing from the victim, Gertrude Miller, be tested.

Gary was just three hours from being executed in 2009 when the Georgia Supreme Court ordered a judge to determine whether authorities should conduct DNA testing of evidence.

Since then, evidence from the crime scenes have been tested for DNA with mixed results.

Judge Frank Jordan will decide on the new motion for further testing.

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