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Columbus mayor proposes solution to property tax issue

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Carol Wingard has lived in her Columbus home for about a month and like all home owners she has to pay property taxes. It is a considerable amount more than her neighbors whose homes are about the same as hers in market value.

"I think the taxes are fair for me as a new home owner I didn't have any problem with it I wanted to live in Columbus, I wanted to live near work, I think the structure for a new home is fair," Wingard said.

While, Wingard says the tax structure is fair but the amount she pays, a little over a thousand dollars a year versus others in her neighborhood who pay roughly two to three hundred dollars in taxes for a home worth the same as hers, is not.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson is working to change this.

"If you have the property tax freeze you keep it, you keep it until such time that you voluntarily transfer your property or sell your property," Tomlinson said.

Mayor Tomlinson wants to phase out the property tax freeze over time. While new home owners like Carol Wingard may not be completely be in favor of the freeze Mayor Tomlinson says phasing it out over time is the best way.

"This is a politically viable way to get that done, lifting it completely is not a workable solution," Tomlinson said.

Tomlinson says that home owners who are grandfathered into the freeze are entitled to it and it should not be stripped from them. Carol Wingard agrees.

"I don't think they should be changed for the people that have had it for a long time, that really need it," Wingard said.

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