How much will it take for Arthur Sumbry, Sr. to get Sumbry Mortuary back?

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) -  News Leader Nine first told Arthur Sumbry Sr.'s funeral home in Phenix City was in foreclosure and items in his business were taken by the county, but now the next step for Sumbry Mortuary is coming up with the cash to get it back.

Sumbry Mortuary is in foreclosure, the owner, Arthur Sumbry Sr. is facing mounting legal fees and there are several costs that come along with getting the business put back in his name. So we decided to break down the numbers to see just how much is owed on the funeral home.

In January, Synovus Bank asked the court to order that Arthur Sumbry, Sr. make payments to the bank for the property where Sumbry Mortuary is located. The court order stated the payments were due on the 5th of each month. If Sumbry fails to make that payment, he must vacate the premises.

Synovus, which is listed as the plaintiff on court documents, said on June 5th, the $2,000 monthly payment was not made, and therefore Sumbry has failed to keep his end of the agreement. That's when the Russell County Sheriff's Office had the Sumbry's removed.

Synovus also orders them to pay $14,400 for fair rental value of the property and attorney's fees. All of these payments are to be made before the two parties -- Sumbry and Synovus -- can begin to negotiate the ownership of the property.

As for all the items that were taken from the business... they are being held by the county in a storage facility, but Sumbry has to pay to get them back into his possession. We're told the furniture, pews, coffins and other items filled up nine storage units, which will cost $1,202 per month.

Sumbry will have an upcoming hearing with Synovus to work out the details of getting the business put back in his name, that is if he can come up with the money.

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