Opelika Splash Park re-opens after E. coli scare

OPELIKA, AL (WXTX)  -  After working with the Alabama Department of Public Health for almost a week, the Splash Park at the Opelika Sportsplex and Aquatics Center is open, and children, like 10 year old Angel Fox, were excited to splash around and cool off in the water.

"You just get to stand there and get wet.  It's like a shower, like rain," said Fox.

Until Sunday afternoon, the water world was closed.  It was shut down by directors of the Opelika Sportsplex and the Alabama Department of Public Health after health officials said four kids, who had all been to the park, got sick.  Two of those children tested positive for E. coli.  After health officials took samples and the Center did countless tests on chlorine and ph levels, Director Tim Gore said they are open for business.

"We were given a clean bill of health.  Those are exactly what the words were.  They gave us a document saying that they look at the water, served up, and gave to us.  So, we've got those on our records.  And, actually they're still investigating and making sure if we can find something.  If there is something here we want to know also," said Gore.

The Director said all that testing came back negative for anything in the water.

Andrea Fox, Angel's mom, said she had no second thoughts about bringing her three kids back to play.  She said she knows the Center works hard to make sure the water is clean and offers some advice to parents with smaller kids.

"I think it is imperative that they stay in swim diapers.  And, quite honestly, if I see a smaller child that's not in one, I'm not going to be rude, but I'm going to highly suggest to the parents-: 'Hey, you know there's swim diapers,'" said Fox.

The Center said they will continue to keep an eye on things to make sure everything remains safe.

Health officials still caution parents if they were at the Splash Park between June 12th and 20th to be aware of the symptoms of E. coli.  Health officials say if your child has fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal cramps seek medical attention.

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