High school principal arrested at bar

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - A high school principal is off the job after getting arrested.

Opelika police say they arrested Clarence Magee, the principal at Barbour County High, for ramming several police cars after an incident at a bar.

It was a school night in September when Magee came to the Grown Folks Night Club in Opelika.

Captain Allan Elkins of Opelika Police said, "He was being disruptive and disorderly at the door. They denied him entry in to the night club."

When Magee did not leave, security called Opelika police.

Magee tried to get away by driving his car out of the parking lot. In the process, he hit three police cars, causing $2,500 worth of damage to each car.

"Once he hit the K-9 truck, his vehicle, which was a Jeep, came to a stop," explained Elkins.

Officers were then able to arrest Magee.

The principal faces 3 felony criminal mischief charges for hitting the police cars and several other charges for running from police.

It is still unknown what made him so disruptive and why he felt the need to run.  The police report says Magee was sober during the incident.

Barbour County School Superintendent, members of the School Board and Magee could not be reached for comment.

Magee was released from jail but is on administrative leave from Barbour County High School.

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