Troup County population growth 14%, redraws commissioner districts

Source: Mike Dobbs, Manager, Troup County Government

Lagrange, GA - Since the 2000 census population survey was conducted, the Troup County's population has increased from 58,779 to 67,044, a 14% increase. This increase also saw a shift in populations among the commissioners' districts. Redistricting happens at every level of government every ten years following the nationwide Census.

According to Brian Knight with Georgia's Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment Office, each County Commissioner district is required to be within one percent of population from one another.

Because of Troup's population growth, each of the districts had some population shift and no longer met the required standard. Districts 2 (Commissioner Buck Davis) and 5 (Commissioner Richard English) had the most notable deviations.

All districts – except District 1 which is county-wide – needed adjustment to balance their populations.  Districts are drawn along Census Blocks, the smallest geographic area studied by the Census.

The Troup County Board of Commissioners voted at their regular meeting Tuesday morning to redraw the district boundaries allocating the county's newly acquired population evenly among each district. The new district map is available for viewing on Troup County's website,, or at the County Government Center at 100 Ridley Ave in LaGrange.

The updated commissioners' boundaries represent a more balanced allocation of Troup County's population. Having gained population since 2000, Districts 2, 3 and 4 all lost a number of constituents, while District 5 gained a considerable amount in the redistricting. District 5 gained over 3,000 new constituents to balance the district's population loss.

The new district population numbers are: District 2 with 16,853 includes Hogansville, District 3 at 16,628 includes West Point, District 4 at 16,763 and District 5 having 16,800 constituents divides Lagrange.