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Muscogee County parents can file to transfer their students

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  The phrase House Bill 251 may mean nothing to you, but it could mean a world of difference if you are trying to get your child into another school.

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  • "House Bill 251 basically gives the parent the right to apply to a school, to have their child attend that school, even though it's not a school they are assigned to," explained Valerie Fuller, the Director of Communications for the Muscogee County School District.

    Since the bill went into effect in 2009, Muscogee County School District administrators have provided a listing of what grade levels for each school are available.

    But Fuller says parents can't take that as a free pass to get their child into any school, "Some are magnet programs and you can't just apply to get in based on space available, you have to pass the criteria for those schools."

    The student selection is based on a lottery. Let's say there are three spaces available for a certain grade level at a particular school, but ten students apply for it. Their names will be drawn from a hat and only those three kids would go to the school. But some parents may ask if they have to go through this process every year.

    Fuller responded, "They do not have to reapply. Once that child is in, say, kindergarten or 1st grade at a grade school, that particular child is eligible to stay at that school until they complete that grade level."

    Valerie Fuller added one of the main restrictions is you can only apply for one school transfer and if you don't get it, you have to wait until the next school year, "There are no appeals for House Bill 251 and they will receive notification if they've been approved or not approved."

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