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Movie magic in West Georgia with some Hollywood stars

LAGRANGE, GA - Movie making is getting to be a big business for Georgia bringing in more than a billion dollars each year.  Closer to home, "Jayne Mansfield's Car" is the second movie to be filmed in Troup County this year, and it has the locals talking about their star sightings.

It was supposed to be a normal Monday night for Whitney Davis who works at the Idle Hour Pub in downtown LaGrange, but then, some different customers walked in: actors Kevin Bacon, Robert Duvall, Billy Bob Thornton, and Robert Patrick.

"I actually had no clue exactly who they were when they first walked in," said Davis.

These Hollywood superstars are all working on a new movie filming parts at this plantation just outside West Point. 

The movie focuses on the dynamics of two families.  It centers around an Englishman who comes to his wife's home-state of Alabama to bury her meeting her first husband and grown children.

John McLain and his wife live across the street from where the filming takes place.  He said he might have had his own encounter with an actress from the movie.

"She was walking up and down the road for exercise and came up here.  That's how I met her," said McLain.

The mysterious actress even brought them barbeque chicken and ribs for dinner.

When the actors are not on set, locals, like Mark Hires, say the Hollywood stars are hitting the streets of LaGrange visiting restaurants and bars like the Idle Hour Pub and talking with the customers. 

"They've heard that before, you know: ‘God, I love all your movies and everything.'  So, I just I kind of watched more than I tried to participate," said Hires.

Not only is the star search exciting for the people of Troup County, but the local chamber of commerce says it could be exciting for businesses as well. The sets like the plantation and local hot spots like the Idle Hour Pub where the stars have been spotted could become tourism attractions.  That means more money for the community.

Most of the locals who talked with the stars say they were just normal people with Davis pointing to one thing especially.

"They actually tip just how they were waited on just like normal people."

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