5 ways to beat the heat

COLUMBUS, GA - The temperatures keep rising this summer.  It is the south so you expect it to be hot, but as the mercury rises outside, most of us are looking for nice cool ways to enjoy our day.

"We usually just come here, or you know, we'll go to the mall and walk around there just to get some exercise there, but generally, that's really it.  There are not really a whole lot of places to go."

Krystal Covington has a problem.  She comes to the bowling alley about once a week to get out of the heat, but she's looking for some more cool places, and we are here to help.

Before heading out for your fun activities, make a stop at one of the Ice Cream Girl's trucks for a shaved ice or ice cream treat.  Lindsey Baer, an ice cream girl, said the crowds are welcome to come cool down.

"A lot of families come by after the pool and stuff just to sit and have ice cream and sit under the umbrellas in the shade," said Baer.

You could stop by for a quick skate to work off your cool treat at the new Columbus Ice Rink or catch the new Transformers movie at one of the town's theaters another place in nice air conditioning.

Then, head on down to the National Infantry Museum to check out exhibits from Revolutionary War to Modern Ops.  Sergeant Erick Rivera, a Fort Benning soldier, assures it is worth it.

"It is kind of like a relaxed time that I spend here and you know.  At the same time, you're learning while you're inside a building with some air conditioning.  It's great," said Rivera.

Hope this helps with your summer plans and do not forget to drink plenty of water if you are heading out into the heat.

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