Columbus sets new record for June temperatures

COLUMBUS, GA - Jeremiah Smith and his family hit the basketball court this evening, trying to get some exercise, but Smith said the heat is almost too much to bare and does not see it getting better any time soon.

"It probably is going to get worse before it gets better, but we've got to take necessary precautions and stay hydrated," said Smith.

June topped the record books in Columbus as having the highest average temperature, 84 degrees, ever recorded for all Junes.  That is 5 degrees above normal for the month.  So, why is the mercury rising more than usual? Our Chief Meteorologist Derek Kinkade said it is all about a weather pattern.

"We call a ridge, its high pressure, and when we say that, we mean the air is sinking down above our head.  Whenever that happens, it tends to warm up, and we tend to not see a lot in the way of shower and thunderstorm development," said Kinkade.

One type of business that does not mind the heat, in fact profits from the rising temperatures, is air conditioning.  Bill Bell, President of Energy Savers in Columbus, said they have had close to 500 calls to fix AC units each week.

"People get confused.  They think, 'Well, the unit's not working because its 78 or 80 degrees.'  That's because its 102 outside or 100 outside and the units just not big enough to overcome that," said Bell.

He said this can lead to your AC system breaking down.  Bell also said not keeping up with spring and fall maintenance on your unit is one of the main reasons for AC problems.

One thing Smith, Derek, and Bell all agree on: being prepared for the warm weather by keeping hydrated so work or play you can stay safe, even in this heat.

We also made calls to Georgia Power and Alabama Power to ask about rising bills during the summer heat.  Georgia Power said it is normal to see a 10% to 30% increase in your bills during the summer months.  They encourage you to set your air conditioning on 78 degrees and use ceiling fans to cool down.

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