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Animal control overcrowds with 4th of July strays

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Sonny Boutwell walked out of the Columbus Animal Shelter with a smile on his face as he looks down at his son's seemingly overjoyed dog, knowing he saved him in the nick of time.

Boutwell says he was told he had 5 days to pick him up or the dog would be euthanized, "They're overloaded with dogs in there. It's terrible if you do have a dog you need to come get him because they deserve better than to be put down."

This week is the busiest week of the year for the animal shelter as many dogs run away in fear of the fireworks and their booms.  Frances Steed, a Supervisor with Animal Control says, "When I came in yesterday morning we took in 15, the majority of them had no identification, when I came in this morning we had another 4."

Two minutes after those words left Steed's mouth, another 2 dogs came through the doors.

Steed can't stress enough the importance of micro chipping your pets, it could save their life, and you from heartache and stress, "probably only 10 percent of animals who come in are micro chipped." Ausu Mayo with PAWS Humane says many fear a microchip will harm their animals but that's not the case, "it's a small device they implant in between their shoulders."

Mayo says micro chipping is crucial to being a good pet owner, but keeping the information up to date online, is just as important.

You can go online and put your contact information in with the serial number of your pet's microchip.

"If they don't claim them within a 5 day period and no one shows interest in adopting than they're usually put down," said Steed.

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