Law enforcement agencies struggling in tight economy

CHAMBERS COUNTY, Ala (WTVM) – Chambers County Sheriff Sid Lockhart tells News Leader 9 agencies across the nation are struggling in this tight economy.

Some are being forced to cut positions, scale back on anti-crime programs and equipment.

The sheriff says his deputies are tackling crime while taking in money, by patrolling one of the largest drug corridors in the United States and Interstate 85.

This year alone deputies have raked in more than $25,000 in drug forfeiture money by patrolling I-85.

"It helps tremendously because of the money we seize and the cars we seize and sell we can put back into buying equipment and keep fighting illegal narcotics," said Lockhart.

Lockhart says Interstate 85 is a favorite passageway for illegal activity because it links Atlanta, Montgomery and Mobile to Texas and Florida, where a lot of drugs are brought into the United States.

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