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SPECIAL REPORT: Safeguard Your Smartphone

Tips on Avoiding Device Loss/Theft

Mobile devices often contain a large amount of proprietary or confidential data about the owner and/or their company. All users should take precautions to ensure these devices do not get in the wrong hands:

  • Never leave a mobile device unattended.
  • Never leave a mobile device visible in your car.
  • Take extra care during times when you can be distracted: at airline or rental car counters; at airline security checks; when traveling on a plane, bus or taxi; or when a stranger distracts you (which could be a decoy).

 Tips on Keeping User IDs and Passwords Secure

Make your password easy to remember but difficult for anyone else to guess.

  • Passwords should not contain names of significant others, children, pets, sports teams, hobbies, etc.
  • Passwords should not contain any form of your first and last name or any other information that would be easily obtainable, such as a car license plate number, telephone numbers, social security number, etc.
  • Passwords should not follow keyboard patterns, such as "qwertyu..." or "123456..."
  • Never use any word in any type of dictionary for passwords or PIN numbers, since hacker programs can search for words in many languages (even made up languages).
  • Changing the letter O to zero or the letter I to a 1 also does not make a password secure, as hacking programs can also check for this type of change.
  • Do not use the titles of movies, books, poems, CDs, songs, etc., for passwords.
  • Do not use the same password for every system that requires one.
  • Never give your passwords to anyone over the phone.
  • Never include your passwords in an email message.
  • Never give your passwords to anyone, including family members, your supervisor or co-workers.
  • Never write down your passwords and store them anywhere in your work area. Don't store passwords in a file or on any computer system.

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