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School by School CRCT Scores Released

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COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Marcie Grady is one of thousands of parents across Georgia looking forward to Wednesday's release of CRCT scores. The difference this time around is school by school listing of how students scored.

Marcie a mother of two young girls tells us that she believes that having these scores will be helpful to students, parents, and teachers.

"I like to see how my children are comparing not only with the other students in their school, but the county and then again the state," Grady said.

We sat down with Muscogee County Superintendent Susan Andrews Wednesday afternoon. She says the test scores will help teachers strengthen lower performing schools in the area.

"We will know which students did not meet which standard, we will know in a classroom which teachers didn't teach which students well," Susan Andrews.

According to the numbers released by the state today students continue to perform poorly in math, science, and social studies.

For example Brewer Elementary had some of the lowest scores in Social Studies. 7.2% of 5th graders passed.

Looking at previous year's 20 percent in 2010, about 19 percent in 2009, and 52 percent in 2008. 

School by school reports also shows that students did well at most schools in reading and English Language Arts.

Britt David Magnet Academy was one of the only schools to pass with 100 percent in more than one subject area.

With the school transfer deadline a little over a week away some parents may choose to enroll their children in schools out of their zone.

"It's an individual decision that the parent has to make but I do hope that they will visit the school, visit the teacher, and visit with the principles before they make their decision," Andrews said.

It's a decision Marcie Grady will make carefully.

"Our children's education is of primary importance to us so we are not going to cheat them out of that," Grady said.

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