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Pole to Pole: Man attempting 13k trek stops in E. Alabama

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CHAMBERS COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - An Australian man is taking a year of his life to run from the North Pole to the South Pole for the Red Cross.

Thursday, he jogged through east Alabama and slowed down just enough to speak with News Leader 9.

Since April, Sydney-native Pat Farmer has laced up his running shoes and jogged 52 miles a day. That's about two marathons every 24 hours.

"My goal is to raise $100 million  for the Red Cross and of course complete the record breaking run from the North Pole all the way to the South Pole", said Farmer, "I will cover a distance of approximately 13,000 miles from start to finish, I have already run close to 4,000 miles. I was dropped off by a Russian Helicopter into the North Pole and I have made my way on a set of snow shoes into Canada and now making my way down the east coast of America ever since."

Thursday, Farmer took a break at Bridges Truck Stop in Chambers County, AL. He picked up a $100 donation and a pair of cowboy boots, a gift from Alabama lawmaker, DuWayne Bridges.

"I've been through five pairs of running shoes, one set of snow shoes and now I have a pair of southern cowboy boots, that I might not wear on the road, but look forward to wearing during some downtime," said Farmer.

Farmer, a former member of Australian parliament, is a widower and father of two.

He holds multiple world records for endurance running and has used his feet to raise millions for cancer and diabetes research.

The Pole to Pole run is for his next cause, The Red Cross.

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"They help the absolutely poverty stricken, they don't pick sides they are non political and they put humanity first and foremost," remarked Farmer.

So far, Farmer has experienced the best Alabama has to offer.  "The southern hospitality is sort of legendary in this place and to experience it firsthand has been amazing."

He's also experienced the worst the South can throw at him: The humid heat.

As temps top the high 90's on the asphalt of Interstate 85s, Farmer says it's the distress of others that pushes him through the exhaustion.

 "I've seen people in extreme poverty living in rubbish tents I've seen children with no shoes on their feet begging for food, so I run for those people and if it gets hard I just think about them and push on," recounted Farmer.

During the grueling pace, Farmer is often joined by other runners or folks who stop on the side of the road to give him a donation.

 Farmer's goal is to inspire others to move and to act.

"It's about getting out there and living your life with action, and trying to inspire others through your efforts. That's why I've decided to put one foot in front of the other in something as simple as I can think of doing and motivate people as best as I can," said Farmer, "It's important for people to realize I'm a human like anyone else, I have no skills and I have the blisters and bruises to prove it. But it's about making it, believing in the cost and never giving up the dream."

Farmer tells us he should complete his journey in February.

IF you'd like to donate to the Red Cross for the Pole to Pole Run, click here or check out its Facebook page.

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