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Shuttle Launch excitement comes to Columbus

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  For 30 years Americans have watched space shuttles ignite into the sky,and today, kids gathered at the coca-cola space science center to witness the final launch of the program. Today, Atlantis was the 135th mission.

"They're all about space, we had a space week at the day care and they were all talking about it and this is one of their favorite places to come." Said Kathlina Olmsted, with Joyful Journeys Day Camp.

Families and 2 Summer Day Camps came out to the science center to watch the shuttle take off just before 11:30, but not without a minor delay in checking to see if the vent arm had been properly retracted.

Dutch Cummings with the Science Center says this launch has been different from any other before.

"The kids get excited and unfortunately being the last shuttle we have seen a major increase in people waiting to come and watch it launch, come down to the space science center." Olmsted adds, "It's part of history they can say ooh I remember when I was at the daycare and we went to that field trip and saw them. I think that's something they can make as a landmark for themselves."

As the kids play in simulators, and watch in awe, Olmsted says, it's the unknown that fascinates them.

"They always talk about how they can flip or there's no gravity or anything like that and they think it's really cool."

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